Your sleeping habits could have a serious impact on your health

If you snore heavily or have Sleep Aponea your long term health is under threat !

Come in for a sleep study and Take control of your health today!

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choking, snorting or gasping during sleep

Pauses in breathing during sleep

Waking up short of breath

Waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat

Moodiness, irritability or depression

Morning headaches

Insomnia or nighttime awakenings

Decreased libido and/or impotence

Associated Health Risks:

Higher incidence of heart attack & stroke

High blood pressure

Memory decline


Poor control of diabetes

Worsening of cardiovascular disease & heart failure

Coverage Area

Our specialised sleep service operates in Flinders Medical Centre, Flinders Private and Noarlunga Hospitals, capturing the entire Southern Adelaide Health Area (including Adelaide Hills).

We diagnose and treat sleep apnoea and other sleep disorders in a location convenient, close to public transport. Taking control of your sleep health has never been easier.
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