About Our Service

Southern Sleep is a specialised Adelaide sleep study service for diagnosis and management of sleep apnoea and other sleep-related disorders. Our sleep and respiratory consultants practice at Flinders Medical Centre, Flinders Private and Noarlunga Hospitals, capturing the entire Southern Adelaide Health Area (including Adelaide Hills). Southern Sleep has a modern, fully computerised state-of-the-art facility for investigation and treatment of sleep disorders and caters for privately insured patients, Veterans and uninsured (Medicare) patients. Key advantages of the Southern Sleep Service: • Short waiting times for sleep studies ( often less than 2 weeks)
• Short waiting times for specialist consultation with one of our eleven experienced sleep consultants
• Rapid turnover of sleep study results (up to 7 days)
• Modern facilities with state-of-the art equipment
Sleep Laboratory at Burnside Hospital Sleep Centre Privately insured patients and Veterans are usually referred to the modern Sleep Laboratory at Burnside Hospital. This laboratory has the latest hardware and software with experienced sleep technologists. Southern Sleep has established ambulatory polysomnography services based in southern Adelaide.
Adelaide Sleep Service locations
Ambulatory Sleep Study Services Southern Sleep provides ambulatory sleep study services to the Adelaide Metropolitan and Adelaide Hills areas. Our outreach service covers the Victor Harbor and Goolwa areas. Sleep studies can be booked and patient appointments made by calling the Southern Sleep number located on our request form (Tel. 0405 096 996) and/or faxing the request form (Fax. 8177 0689).

Arranging a Study

Southern Sleep accepts referrals from both general practitioners and specialists. Bookings can be made by calling our number (0405 096 996) or by simply faxing the completed and signed referral to our office fax number (08) 8374 4558. Referrals should be accompanied by Epworth Sleepiness Score (ESS) and STOP-BANG questionnaires (available from the download area on this site). Upon receipt your referral will be reviewed by one of our medical specialists, after which our friendly administrative staff will contact you to make the booking. We accept any signed referral forms by a medical practitioner. Southern Sleep referral forms and questionnaire are available for download from our website or can be ordered by calling our office. Medical practitioners can order our referral form pads using our fax order form. We will send you an information pack which includes everything you need to know about your sleep study along with a questionnaire which is to be completed and mailed back to us prior to your study. After detailed analysis of the data from your study and report by a sleep specialist, your results can be sent back directly to your referring doctor and a consultation with one of our specialists will be arranged.